Making a credit on your smartphone has never been easier

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Making a credit on your smartphone has never been easier

Gone are the days when one had to go to one’s bank branch to apply for a loan! Indeed, new solutions, made possible by technological and digital developments, are now available to households looking for funding.

Have you always dreamed of running a credit simulation from your couch, in the back of the cinema, on public transport or in a waiting room? It is now possible and we explain to you how …

The smartphone, smart phone but not that …

The smartphone, smart phone but not that ...

Since 2001, the “World Day Without Mobile Phone” is celebrated around the globe. The existence of such a day shows the increasingly close relationship that has developed between these monsters of technology and their users, who spend more and more time on it. Moreover, a study conducted by Deloitte in 2017, indicated that more than 77% of French people had a smartphone.

We also note that uses have changed since in 2016, 60% of French people used the internet via their mobile. To adapt to these uses, some consumers of consumer credit have therefore chosen innovation to offer consumers a unique experience combining speed, simplicity and technology.

Request your credit in a few clicks


Among the players who have made technology their watchword, we find FinTech – a contraction of Finance & Technology – such as YelloAn, a young credit platform whose mission is to promote access to credit, thanks to a principle of ” participatory guarantee “, but also our company, Mr. Barkis, which seeks to make the banking system more transparent.

In addition to having the goal of transforming the credit market, these young companies are now offering 100% online services. This is the case of Yelloan, winner of the 2016 FinTech prize which, thanks to its digital experience, allows users to apply for credit in a simple, efficient and intuitive way.

Added to this is the notion of speed to satisfy credit applicants


Indeed, in a world where everything is going very fast and where it is not rare to obtain everything in record time, the actors of the loan with the individuals had to be put in the tuning fork to offer to these, a response to the requests for credit the fastest possible.

This includes the opportunity to sign online his contract, take a photo of his vouchers for the study of his file, communicate with a chatbot to obtain information, etc.

These few lines have convinced you and you want to apply online? Arm yourself with your smartphone and let yourself be guided, FinTech will provide you with a fast and easy service, in complete safety!

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